Who We Are

Our team is made up of people from all over the world, from a variety of backgrounds, with a wealth of experience. In this diversity we find strength. If you are interested in joining the SPMI team, check open positions or contact us here.

Don Clauson
Don Clauson, Owner/CEO

Don Clauson, Owner/CEO

Walk through any of our properties, talk to the team members you meet and ask them about Don Clauson. You’re likely to hear something along the lines of, “I’ve worked for a lot of companies and I never met the owner or CEO until I worked for Don…” followed by a personal anecdote recounting his working-class familiarity and authentic warmth.

During the last 28 years, Clauson has developed, acquired, and managed self storage and multifamily housing properties in California and Texas. Even though the company has grown from 20 to 155 team members across two states, Clauson makes a point to visit every self storage facility multiple times a year and have at least a half-dozen face-to-face conversations with every team member.

“It’s important to look someone in the eye, talk to them and thank them for their dutiful service.” Clauson said. “The amazing job they do is not lost on me. Every day they are doing the best they can and I appreciate it. You get so much more done face to face compared to text, email or a phone call.”

Clauson’s career is characterized by the hands-on, personal approach he brings to every project, his ability to communicate at a high level with anyone from any background, and the loyalty he inspires in his team. From his first job as a construction laborer, to the hundreds-of-millions of dollars he transacted as a broker, to today as Strat’s Chief Executive Officer, Clauson has truly built a career in commercial real estate from the ground up.

An active board member of the Self Storage Association, past president of the Large Owners Council and Chairman of the board of directors for StoreLocal Corporation, Clauson is committed to being a servant leader to the industry.

Originally from San Diego, California and raised by his mother and two sisters, Clauson, grew up the youngest of 3 children. In his youth, Clauson spent time surfing and skateboarding (ask him to do a handstand on one if you want to see a fun trick) while his family moved around San Diego County and the surrounding area. A 1978 graduate of Monte Vista High School, Clauson still calls San Diego home.

Even though StratProp is Clauson’s hobby, passion and a huge part of who he is, there is truly nothing more important in his life than his daughters Jenna and Megan and his grand children Lilly and Hudson. Being a part of their lives brings him an endless amount of joy.

Randy Strauss
Randy Strauss, Owner/CFO

Randy Strauss, Owner/CFO

As modest as he is analytical, as consistent as he is adaptable, as independent as he is committed to the professional development of his team, Randy Strauss is a leader who would like to remain behind the scenes. This humble commitment is one of the central reasons for Strat Property Management Inc’s success.

He’ll tell you that he prefers to have ten digits than 26 letters, but those who have worked closely with him describe him as a perceptive communicator who shows his appreciation in addition to voicing it. Acting as Chief Financial Officer, Strauss is Strat’s financial architect, overseeing the accounting department as well as apartment operations.

Despite Strat’s growth, Strauss has managed to maintain a healthy work-life balance. He can often be seen running his two daughters to softball practice in the afternoon, acting as both coach and treasurer for the league during the last 5 seasons.

A graduate of the Olin Business School at Washington University at St. Louis, Strauss’ early career included time as a concert promoter in both St. Louis (Contemporary Productions) and San Diego (Bill Silva Presents).

Environmentally conscious, Strauss grew up in a family that emphasized frugality and common sense: turning off the lights when they aren’t needed, closing the curtains when it’s cold out and turning off the heater when it’s 75 degrees. Team members working out of the San Diego office attest that Strauss lives these conservation principles daily, including practicing a vegan diet.

If you ever get a chance to talk sports with him, take it. Strauss has curated a sizable baseball and football card collection during the last 15 years. His knowledge of the history is entertaining and insightful.

At his core, Strauss is first a devoted husband and father. Strat’s acquisitions, developments and milestones are a source of great pride and joy for him, but they take a backseat to the memories created daily with his family.

Travis Morrow, President of Self Storage Operations
Travis Morrow, President of Self Storage Operations

Travis Morrow, President of Self Storage Operations

Calling Travis Morrow a little competitive would be a big understatement. No matter if he’s working up a sweat in crossfit, squeezing off a few at the range, playing a round of golf or renting a storage unit, you can be sure he is competing to win.

This competitive streak is a big reason why Travis was selected as President – Self Storage Division for Strat Property Management, Inc. in 2017. During the previous 15 years, Travis developed a reputation in the self storage industry for being one of the most disciplined, efficient, and knowledgeable people in the business.

Travis is an active member of both state and national storage associations. Currently he serves as the President of the Arizona Self Storage Association (AZSA) and as a Director of the Self Storage Association (SSA), the industry’s only national trade association. He is also a founding member of StoreLocal, the self storage industry’s only marketing and purchasing co-operative, where he serves as the Board of Directors Vice Chairman.   

Travis first got his start in storage as a college finance intern for Arizona based National Self Storage. In early 2003, he digitized and redeveloped National’s competition analysis database used to track a market’s rate trends. In addition to this project, Travis was tasked with learning about every aspect of running a self storage property management company.

“Our company philosophy always was that you started at the stores, so he ran stores, he hired people, you know, he’s done everything,” Bob Schoff, Founder of National Self Storage, said. “He didn’t like the accounting part of it, but after dealing with 8 or 10 different owners and all their quirky questions on how the accounting interfaces with the site software, it is rather complicated, but there is nobody alive who understands it better than he does now.”

In addition to being an accomplished self storage professional, Travis earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance in 2003 from the University of Arizona, Tucson. He is also a former active member of the Arizona Army National Guard where he served as a scout in Kuwait.

Travis has been married for 15 years to Heather Morrow. He’ll tell you that his son, Ty, is too smart for his own good and probably too mature for a 9 year old, but that taking him to school every morning is one of the most important parts of his day. Travis is also a licensed glider pilot who takes to the air any chance he gets and enjoys sharing time in the air with Ty.