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Why Work for STRAT

Newcomers to our staff are often surprised at the enthusiasm our team has for our culture. It doesn’t take long to see why, given the team events and volunteer outings that take place throughout the year.

One of the things that has made this a success is our commitment to inclusivity. Our culture is as strong as it is, because it is equally influenced by all members of our team. Everyone is encouraged to contribute and all contributions are seriously considered.

Couple that with the high level of support our team provides and we think you have the blueprint for an environment that encourages team members to grow both personally and professionally.

At Strat Property Management, our team is comprised of unique individuals from a variety of backgrounds. We believe this diversity of experience is one of the main factors that sets our company apart from other property management companies.

The company culture our team has developed during the last two decades is rooted in shared experiences and grows every day. If you’re interested in helping develop this fast-paced, challenging, yet rewarding environment, please take a look at the positions listed on this page.

Randy Strauss & Don Clauson
Randy Strauss, CFO & Don Clauson, CEO, co-founders of Strat Property Management, Inc.
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